Meet the 2024 ACUI Board of Trustees Candidates

As members of the governing body responsible for setting strategic direction and policies and overseeing the organization’s activities, ACUI’s Board of Trustees actively participate in steering the future of ACUI and college unions. During this year’s election, November 1–30, two presidential candidates and five at-large member candidates are running for these pivotal association roles. 

ACUI sent ballots to eligible voters via email; however, it’s important to note that the sender’s address will not originate from but rather from the voting system Opavote. Please remain vigilant and watch for emails arriving from this alternate domain.

To be eligible to vote in any ACUI election, you must be designated as a voting member at a member institution in good standing at least one day prior to the start of the election. Each institution can identity up to five voting members.

Candidates in elections have been asked not to campaign on their behalf, and the same is asked of all ACUI members. All of the candidate information is available at the ACUI Voting Center and was submitted by the candidates; the content has not been edited by ACUI. You are encouraged to contact candidates with any questions regarding their candidacy, and the Voting Center includes a video of the “2023 Board of Trustees: Meet the Presidential Candidates” forum hosted by ACUI CEO John Taylor.

Ranked choice voting will be used for the election, which means voters can cast a ballot for all of the candidates, ranking their top candidate first, followed by other candidates according to their preference for selection. A more detailed description of ranked choice voting can be found here, and a YouTube explanation is here.

Those elected into office will begin their terms during the Annual Conference in Denver in March 2024 (register early to benefit from reduced rates available until December 14).


The ACUI president serves a three-year term, beginning as president-elect in the first year, transitioning to president in the second year, and concluding as past president in the third year. The president-elect, reporting to the president, assumes a diverse role encompassing the Association’s vision and values, preparing for the presidency, ceremonial duties, and executive committee membership. They direct ad hoc groups, coordinate orientations, liaise with appointees, nominate diverse leaders, and engage in budget planning while actively participating in board meetings and conferences.


  • Ian Crone Director, Student Union, University of Tennessee
  • Hayden Greene, Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Intercultural Center, Marymount Manhattan College

Find full candidate information and statements in the Voting Center.

At-Large Members

At-large members report to the president and serve a two-year term. Board of Trustees at-large members play a multifaceted role within the Association, advancing its vision and values. They engage in diverse responsibilities, including ceremonial duties, directing ad hoc groups, and serving as liaisons. Additionally, they nominate leaders, participate in committees, attend meetings, and contribute to strategic planning and budget reviews. Their role encompasses a broad spectrum of engagement within the organization.


  • Wendy Denman, Executive Director, University Centers and Events, University of North Texas
  • Jamie King, Managing Director, Sheridan Student Union Inc., Sheridan College
  • Keith Kowalka, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Houston
  • Susan Pile, Senior Director, University Unions and Auxiliary Services, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Phillip Smith, Assistant Dean of Students, Student Basic Needs, Rutgers University

Find full candidate information and statements in the Voting Center.


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