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From our exciting Annual Conference to certification to specific seminars, we have an educational experience that is right for you and your team.

Discover all the ways ACUI allows your and your team to develop and advance through our events and educational offerings.

Events Calendar

Collegiate Marketing Institute

Magnolia Hotel Denver 818 17th Street, Denver, Colorado, United States

The 2023 Collegiate Marketing Institute will be December 6–8 in Denver at the Magnolia Hotel!  With the increasing competition for students and the need for campus programs and facilities to...

Region VIII Webinar: Regional Conference Reflections

Come and hear from those who attending the regional conference at the University of Connecticut where we share key learning and takeaway experiences from the conference. This session is open...

Webinar: Move-in Lessons

Hear from other professionals who have moved back into their unions following renovation/construction. They share what went right; what went wrong; and what they would recommend to others experiencing similar...

Webinar: December Hot Topics Roundtable

In 2023, ACUI will offer quarterly hot topics roundtables. These roundtables will give members the opportunity to discuss up to three topics affecting their lives and work. Discussion prompts will...

Full Course: Budget Development

The purpose of this course is to develop foundational budget development skills and knowledge in students and newer professionals within the college unions and student activities profession. The registration deadline...

Full Course: Audio-Visual Bootcamp

The purpose of this course is to develop foundational audio visual skills and knowledge related to the college union and campus events. The course is targeted to novices, students, and...

Full Course: Emergency Preparedness & Management

This training will provide learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to create an emergency preparedness and management action plan for their campus union, department, or program.  The registration deadline...

2024 Annual Conference

Sheraton Denver Downtown 1550 Court Pl, Denver, Colorado, United States

The 2024 Annual Conference will be an opportunity to come together in a caring community of colleagues who also tie-in to the work you do to rejuvenate, elevate, connect, and...

Conference & Program Site Selection

ACUI has a long history of valuing diversity and striving for all members to feel welcome at any ACUI event or program. Unfortunately, the reality exists that external factors can affect ACUI conferences and programs. When local legislation is in conflict with ACUI’s core values, including unconditional human worth and diversity, it can be a direct threat to some of our member participants. At the same time, members in those communities are often working to counteract legalized discrimination and maintain inclusive environments, so we need to safeguard their access to educational resources and accordant networks. Without knowing what the future may hold, we can provide assurance to members about how ACUI will approach site selection for conferences and programs. 

When planning any program, the end goal is to select a site that will create an outstanding experience for attendees. Before selecting an annual conference location, an analysis is first conducted to determine viable hotel properties, cost to attendees, past sites, and area membership support. Regions and other program planners consider similar factors after receiving proposals from interested member institutions to host the conference. Final determination of a site location must be in alignment with ACUI’s core values. 

Future hotel/venue contracts will be negotiated to include a clause that enables ACUI to terminate the agreement without penalty due to new conflicting laws that are enacted. Such an action would be determined after careful consideration of the program directors, or Board of Trustees, as applicable. When a cancellation is not contractually possible or desirable, ACUI will provide education about the implications of the laws, encourage advocacy around equity and access, and ensure that local members affected by such broader external factors are supported.

ACUI will continue to explore locations for programs that are appealing to our members in terms of their geography as well as the inclusive and welcoming nature of the local community. And, as always, conferences and programs will strive to provide educational content and attendee experiences that are interesting, engaging, and meaningful.

In the coming years, ACUI will host the Annual Conference in the following locations:

  • 2024: March 24–28, Denver
  • 2025: March 16–19, New York City

Past Conference Sites

1914 – Columbus, Ohio 
1915 – Columbus, Ohio
1916 – Cleveland, Ohio
1920 – Ann Arbor, Michigan
1922 – Cambridge, Massachusetts
1922 – Toronto
1923 – Minneapolis
1924 – Philadelphia
1925 – West Lafayette, Indiana
1926 – Cornell, New York
1927 – Iowa City
1928 – Nashville, Tennessee
1929 – Madison, Wisconsin
1930 – Providence, Rhode Island 
1931 – Ann Arbor, Michigan
1932 – Rochester, New York
1933 – Columbus, Ohio
1934 – Bloomington, Indiana
1935 – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
1936 – Austin
1937 – West Lafayette, Indiana
1938 – Minneapolis
1939 – Gainesville, Florida
1940 – Philadelphia
1941 – Lincoln, Nebraska
1946 – Minneapolis
1947 – Urbana, Illinois
1948 – Roanoke, Virginia
1949 – Colorado Springs
1950 – Swampscott, Massachusetts
1951 – Ann Arbor, Michigan 
1952 – Miami, Oklahoma
1953 – Berkley, California
1954 – Chicago 
1955 – White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1956 – West Lafayette, Indiana

1957 – Salt Lake City, Utah
1958 – East Lansing, Michigan
1959 – Miami, Florida
1960 – Bloomington, Indiana
1961 – Colorado Springs
1962 – West Lafayette, Indiana
1963 – White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1964 – Bloomington, Indiana
1965 – San Francisco
1966 – New Orleans
1967 – Philadelphia
1968 – Chicago
1969 – Denver
1970 – Houston 
1971 – White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1972 – St. Louis
1973 – San Francisco
1974 – Toronto
1975 – Hollywood, Florida
1976 – Kansas City, Missouri
1977 – San Diego
1978 – New Orleans
1979 – Cincinnati
1980 – Minneapolis
1981 – San Francisco
1982 – Dallas
1983 – Hot Springs, Virginia
1984 – St. Louis
1985 – San Diego
1986 – Houston
1987 – Boston
1988 – New Orleans
1989 – Columbus, Ohio
1990 – Portland
1991 – St. Louis
1992 – Atlanta

1993 – Chicago
1994 – Hawaii
1995 – San Antonio
1996 – Philadelphia
1997 – New Orleans
1998 – Anaheim, California
1999 – Dallas
2000 – New York
2001 – Toronto
2002 – Albuquerque
2003 – Chicago
2004 – Washington, D.C.
2005 – Reno, Nevada
2006 – Kansas City, Missouri
2007 – Atlanta
2008 – New Orleans 
2009 – Anaheim, California
2010 – New York City 
2011 – Chicago
2012 – Boston 
2013 – St. Louis  
2014 – Orlando (including 100th anniversary celebrations)
2015 – San Antonio 
2016 – New Orleans 
2017 – Philadelphia
2018 – Anaheim, California

2019 – Indianapolis
2020 – Virtual Event (Atlanta contracted)
2021 – Virtual Event (New York City contracted)
2022 – Chicago
2023 – Boston