Welcome to the living room of the campus. The place where you can relax and be at home. That is what diversity means to ACUI. A sense of belonging. A feeling of welcome. Knowing you are connected to people who share your commitment to advancing campus community.

ACUI’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

ACUI endeavors to recreate the safety, comfort, and feeling of belonging when you join us at the Annual Conference, a Regional Conference, an online learning course, or in a community of practice. We are committed to embedding diversity and inclusion throughout the Association. Whether through our core values, our strategy to continuously improve, or the related tools and resources, we strive to take a proactive approach that involves learning, connecting, and developing our understanding of equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice.

We believe that diversity should never be performative and that is why we listen, encourage active dialogue, and demonstrate respect for all points of view. We know each person represents a unique tapestry of experiences, ideas, and perspectives. The programs we curate are designed with that in mind. Join us as we continue to learn about cultures, ethnicities, languages, and viewpoints that may differ from our own. Welcome to ACUI. Welcome to our living room where everyone is at home. 

We lead with inclusion and our goal is to foster belonging within the Association through:  

  • Intentional acts of inclusion and social justice at all levels of the Association. 
  • Purposeful and authentic communication, informed by our core principles  
  • Continuous reexamination of structures, programs, and services for inclusiveness. 
  • Education and experiences that enhance participants’ intercultural proficiency. 
  • We invite you to explore the workshops, seminars, and institutes purposefully designed through an inclusive lens.  

ACUI’s Commitment to Address Discrimination   

ACUI values diversity, including that of race, color, religion, ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, family status, veteran status, age, national origin, culture, appearance, generation, caste/class, ancestry, political beliefs, education, job function, and institution type, and does not engage in or tolerate discrimination in any of its activities or operations. Accordingly, all who are involved in the Association as volunteers, employees or guests of the organization, shall use practices and modes of communication reflective of this commitment.  

Discrimination in any of ACUI’s activities or operations will not be tolerated and should be reported to acui@acui.org