You’re invited to New York City, March 16–20, for the 2025 ACUI Annual Conference!

The 2025 Conference Program Team is creating a meaningful and memorable experience you in New York City, March 16–20. Through the planning process, the team was drawn to three main themes: Connecting, Innovating, and Big Ideas. 
  • Connecting: We want you to connect with each other, yourself, or and your work. We hope you’ll leave New York with a fuller heart than you came.
  • Innovating: We look forward to providing an educational experience that’s world-class, following in the footsteps of the city, which is led by creativity and the idea that anything is possible.
  • Big Ideas: New York is the Big Apple after all. We invite big ideas to be shared, so that when we leave, we’re ready to keep ourselves, our profession, and this Association moving forward.

It is our belief that guided by these themes and in partnership with our own ACUI Core Values we’re already working to create an impactful and meaningful Conference experience for everyone.

Conference Program Team

  • Susan Canady, Chair, University of Maryland
  • Sarah Aikman, Northern Kentucky University
  • Alisha Campbell, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
  • Mara Dahlgren, Indiana University
  • Yakima Melton, Arizona State University
  • Anthony Roberson, California State University San Bernardino
  • Martin Ryan, University of Limerick
  • Stan Sweeney, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Melissa Ulmer, Rowan University
  • Julie Wagner, Ohio State University
  • David Wilder, Middlebury College
  • Justin Rudisille, ACUI Central Office