Through online education, ACUI provides accessible, affordable learning experiences for members, from roundtables and traditional webinars to the more elevated Thought Leadership, Premier Leader Roundtables, and virtual workshops.

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Assessment and Evaluations Planning

Join us for this webinar on assessment and evaluation planning. We input a lot of time and energy into assessment and evaluation. A good plan can make all that time...

Webinar: Staff vs. Volunteers – Supervision Strategies

Join ACUI for this webinar focused on supervision strategies for volunteers and staff on campus. Do you supervise both staff and volunteers? Do you currently supervise volunteers, but will be...

Purchase Archived Access to Past Thought Leadership Events

Through ACUI’s online store, you can purchase access to previous Thought Leadership events from this year:

  • Thought Leadership: Triaging Our Talent – Recruiting and Retaining through Positive Leadership (Archived Access) 
  • Thought Leadership: Uncovering Accent Bias (Archived Access)
  • Thought Leadership: Risk and Emergency Management – What College Unions and Staff Should Know (Archived Access)
Registration Details
  • Campus Pass for Premium or Full Tier Member Campus: $199
  • Campus Pass for Digital Tier Member Campus: $249
  • Nonmember: $249

After the initial registration from an individual at a campus, others associated with the campus will be able to register at the $0 complimentary rate. Each person who wants access to event or resources following event should register individually. Members must be associated with the correct campus account to receive the $0 rate, where applicable; please contact with questions or issues. 

Premium and Full Tier members may use a Thought Leadership Voucher toward this event. Please contact with questions or issues. 

Types of ACUI Online Education

  • Webinar: Webinars offer the opportunity for quick, virtual learning on key content areas. Webinars are free to individuals at ACUI Premium and Full Tier campuses.
  • Roundtable: Roundtables provide an opportunity for ACUI members to gather and discuss pertinent topics; these may or may not be facilitated. Webinars are free to individuals at any ACUI member campus.
  • Premier Leader Roundtable: Premier Leader Roundtable experiences feature guests with expertise on relevant topics from across the higher education community. These guests will respond to attendee questions and share their insights on how to improve programs and operations.
  • Thought Leadership: Thought leadership events bring in experts from outside of higher education to share information on industry best practices, trends, or research that assists college union and student activities professionals to do their work on campus.
  • Virtual Workshops: Virtual workshops provide a space for attendees to learn from one or more presenters centered on a focused content area. These workshops often offer a mix of activities, including presentations, breakout sessions, networking time, and more, and also may vary in length of time.