ACUI is currently accepting submissions for the anticipated 2025 events that are intended to be hosted on a campus, including seminars/institutes and regional conferences. To review the complete request for proposal for each type of program, use the links below. 

Association Events

Electronic notification will be sent to confirm submissions have been received. The program manager and applicable volunteers will review materials to make the selection. One recipient will be chosen, unless otherwise noted for the specific program.

Regional Conferences

ACUI’s regions are also currently accepting submissions for anticipated 2025 Regional Conferences. An overview of what is desired for regional conference hosts is available below. Each region will operate on a slightly different timeline to secure 2025 host sites, so rely on direct communication with your region to understand any applicable deadlines or milestones for selection. Find a list of Regional Conference hosting requirements here.

Submit to Host

Please complete the questionnaire below to outline your available facilities and logistical resources for hosting an ACUI event, including uploading any desired supporting documents. The priority submission deadline for all ACUI events is June 14.

When selecting a host location for an ACUI event, it’s helpful for us to know the following information if available:

  • Name, institution, and contact information of the primary contact for the program. 
  • A summary of the host location, showing that the host meets the criteria identified for the specific program, and any additional program-specific requirements. 
  • Quotes for additional costs to host. (Specifically, breakdown of estimated cost for meals, space, audio-visual, and lodging as outlined in program RFP.) 
  • Any additional supporting documentation for the program, which could include photos of venue, catering menus, space diagrams, local tourism, supporting information, testimonials, etc. 

Non-Discrimination and Inclusion 

ACUI is committed to non-discrimination, including non-discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, parental status, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, family medical condition or genetic information, political affiliation, or any other illegal discrimination, and the host facility/hotel warranties that the services and facilities being made available are offered on such a non-discriminatory basis. Each subcontractor, service provider, and/or supplier the host facility/hostel subsequently uses is expected to abide by these same tenets. The host facility/hotel agrees to promptly and sufficiently address any complaints arising out of this provision. Such assurance of nondiscrimination demonstrates a commitment to ACUI’s core values of unconditional human worth and diversity.

When planning any program, the end goal is to select a site that will create an outstanding experience for attendees. Before selecting a host location, an analysis is first conducted to determine viable airport locations, cost to attendees, past sites, and area membership support. Regions and other program planners consider similar factors after receiving proposals from interested member institutions to host the conference.

Final determination of a site location must be in alignment with the Association’s core values.

Hotel/venue contracts will be negotiated to include a clause that enables ACUI to terminate the agreement without penalty due to new conflicting laws that are enacted. Such an action would be determined after careful consideration of the program directors or Board of Trustees as applicable. When a cancellation is not contractually possible or desirable, ACUI will provide education about the implications of the laws, encourage advocacy around equity and access, and ensure that local members affected by such broader external factors are supported.

All ACUI bylaws, policies, and procedures apply to hosting a program, including that minimum registration numbers must be met and logistical and budgeting guidelines must be followed.