Communications coordinators collect, create, and distribute all communication to include the latest information and news for the region. This position fosters an individual’s innovation and collaboration skills through marketing content that promotes the value and success of the region.  

Reporting to the regional director and being supported by the senior manager of marketing and communication staff liaison, there will be two individuals serving in this position, for an alternating two-year term. During year one, the communications coordinator will lead all communications efforts for the Regional Conference, attending Regional Conference Planning Team Calls, and assisting with the responsibilities below. During year two, the communications coordinator will lead all communications efforts for the overall region, providing oversight for the responsibilities below.

  • Developing an annual timeline to collect information, publish, and distribute regular communications in collaboration with the Regional Leadership Team and other regional volunteers—including website updates, regional emails, and social media posts.
  • Editing and distributing regional communications according to the annual timeline via email, website, and social media.
  • Coordinating the timeline and publication of all conference communications, publications, promotional materials, and mobile guides within the annual timeline, in collaboration with the regional conference coordinator.
  • Reaching out proactively to all Regional Leadership Team members to obtain relevant content pertaining to communication needs in the annual timeline, including educational programs, recognition, volunteer opportunities, regional news, etc.
  • Accepting and authorizing all communications sent to members of the region through the Central Office communication systems.
  • Taking and publishing monthly Regional Leadership Team minutes to the region’s private group in My Workspace within one week after each conference call.
  • Providing training and updates on ACUI branding guidelines to Regional Leadership Team members annually or as needed.
  • Ensuring all ACUI branding and publication guidelines are followed in regional marketing, promotions, imprinted items, and other communications by reviewing and approving proofs before ordering or distributing.
  • Collaborating with the business manager to prepare a budget for regional communication efforts.
  • Encouraging members to write articles about professional activities or information for The Bulletin or other ACUI publications.
  • Managing short-term volunteers to support communication efforts—such as graphic designers, special contributions, multi-media specialists, social media, historian/archivist, website, newsletter, etc.
  • Managing the day-to-day administration of all regional social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, maintaining account subscriptions as necessary.
  • Providing insight and direction of emerging trends in social media for the Regional Leadership Team to consider.

This is a regional leading volunteer position, ideal for those interested in determining and advancing strategic directions, governing over long-term goals, representing the association to other members, and setting the tone for member experiences.

Applications for this role are now open in several regions. Check out the application section below or your region’s webpage for more details.

All Regional Leadership Team members are also responsible for:

  • Participating in scheduled Regional Leadership Team meetings during the year. These typically include monthly conference calls; a face-to-face meeting at the regional conference; and a second face-to-face meeting at a time determined by the team.
  • Acting as a resource person for the region and campus organizations.
  • Inspiring student involvement in regional and ACUI events and opportunities.
  • Developing proposal for an educational session at the regional conference.
  • Supporting efforts in the region to raise funds for scholarships and corporate partnerships.
  • Training and coordinating shadowing for in-coming volunteer in all processes and procedures related to their role.

Direct expenses for conducting association or regional business for meetings are covered by the association. However, positions requiring the volunteer to travel and be registered for conferences and events,is a commitment of the volunteer’s institution.

Given current realities regarding potential current and future travel restrictions, members interested in this volunteer opportunity should still apply, and we will be flexible with accommodations and exceptions on a case-by-case basis, as necessary.

Most regions are seeking applications for this position.

The written application will ask you to:

  • Provide your name, institution, and contact information
  • Describe your relevant professional experience, ACUI volunteer experience, other professional/community volunteer experience, and/or educational background
  • Select which volunteer opportunities you are interested in
  • Upload a signed Institutional Support Form [pdf], as this position requires travel, financial support to register for event(s), and/or significant out-of-office time

Note: The application process is updated this year through our new membership platform—which means applications can autofill with your profile information, be saved as pending for edits until you officially submit, and be stored for your future access. In order to submit an application, you will need to create an account login, if you don’t already have one.

To discuss volunteering with your institution to ensure that they are supportive of your involvement, download these About Volunteer with ACUI talking points [pdf] to share additional information about what it means to be a volunteer.

A screening committee made up of the volunteer team leader, the regional membership experience coordinator, and other related volunteers will review applications, interview candidates, and make recommendations for selections.

Volunteers involved in this opportunity will enhance their skill sets in the areas below. Learn more about the ACUI core competencies for the profession.


  • Marketing and Communication Technology
  • Principles of Marketing


  • Establishing Priorities
  • Goal Setting

Organizational Leadership

  • Collaboration and Partnerships

At the time of application, individuals must have: employment at a higher education institution; institutional or individual membership; a signed institutional support form; and a commitment to fulfilling the duties of the position for the length of the term. Applicants must also demonstrate an understanding of ACUI’s vision, core values, and core competencies, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

Regional leading volunteer positions require a commitment of two years, except for student positions which have a one-year term. Over the course of the term, volunteers should anticipate at least 4 hours of conference call and project work per month, in addition to attending in-person Regional Leadership Team meetings.