Regions II, IV, VI, and VIII: ACUI Welcomes Four New Volunteer Directors

ACUI’s 2021 Regional Director elections finished earlier this week, and four new regional directors now lead Region II, Region IV, Region VI, and Region VIII. Here’s a snapshot of each along with some of their thoughts on what they are planning.

Rob Stagni, University of Arkansas–Fayetteville, Region II

Rob Stagni is the project and program specialist for the program development area  for the Arkansas Union at the University of Arkansas–Fayetteville. He is the new regional director for Region II.

“I hope to bring our region back together for in-person events soon. I hope that we will work together to determine new and evolving needs in post-pandemic life and how the region can support those needs. It’s my goal to seek a broader, more diverse Region II audience, to engage them in what ACUI has to offer, and to find ways for our college unions to better position themselves as truly safe, proactive, and inclusive spaces. Let’s have some fun and get some things done.”

Jeremy Davis, University of Wyoming, Region IV  

Jeremy Davis is the director of the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership at the Wyoming Union at the University of Wyoming. He is the new regional director for Region IV.

“I’m seeking to work alongside other leaders in Region IV to transition to a post-pandemic environment, while still retaining some of the innovations developed in this challenging time. I’d like to be business-minded and inclusivity focused to advance campus community in Region IV.”

Heather Wagoner, Virginia Tech, Region VI

Heather Wagoner is director of student engagement and campus life at Virginia Tech. She is the new regional director for Region VI.

“As regional director for Region VI (woohoo!), I hope to create a community that is supportive, smart, and focused on creating solutions to the challenges we face each day as student affairs professionals. I would love to see our region lead the way with innovative approaches to creating affirming environments, meaningful programming, and a high commitment to the student experience. If we do that, we’ll be unstoppable!”

Adam Dunbar, University of Massachusetts–Lowell, Region VIII

Adam Dunbar is the senior associate director of student affairs for University Crossing at the University of Massachusetts–Lowell. He is the new regional director for Region VIII.

“As regional director, I hope to create and renew opportunities for conversations and community building among our diverse membership both nationally and internationally beyond the regional conference. Now more than ever we need to hear the voices, perspectives, and experiences of each other—both in person and virtually. That is why it is important that I work with our volunteers and general membership to get feedback about what they are looking for from the region.”

“I want to be able to create new, exciting, and engaging opportunities that work for members who are looking to engage with ACUI and the region in a variety of ways. Ultimately, I would like to know that I have helped to grow and enhance our members’ experiences both professionally and personally, as well as know that the region has helped to provide institutions new tools they can use to elevate day-to-day operations to best serve students, faculty, staff, and guests.”


  • Steve Chaplin

    Steve Chaplin is managing editor of ACUI’s The Bulletin and manager of the ACUI College Union and Student Activities (CUSA) Evaluation Program. A former newspaper writer, editor, and manager, he has volunteered as a student mentor as a member of the National Association of Science Writers, and received awards for his writing and reporting from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, the Kentucky Education Association, and the Kentucky Press Association.