Leadership Theory: A New Book and a New ACUI Badge Program

Developing students to be capable, confident citizens who are able to make change on their campus and in the world is a goal many of us are familiar with at ACUI; it’s one we often strive to meet by teaching students leadership theories and practices that supplement the opportunity for practical application that involvement on our campuses provide. However, author Dr. John Dugan’s new book, Leadership Theory: Cultivating Critical Perspectives,”turns some of our traditional notions of leadership on their head and asks us to reconsider how the ways we have previously analyzed and applied leadership theory may be incomplete.

Suggested primarily for undergraduate and graduate classrooms, the book meets two important outcomes. Dugan first provides a perceptive overview of leadership theory and a concise and approachable summary of specific theories, then author utilizes a critical lens to deconstruct and reconstruct a number of frequently taught leadership theories.

Dugan’s text proves to be useful to those new to studying leadership, providing baseline knowledge presented in a unique style and order, and it can also be useful for seasoned leadership educators seeking a deeper approach to considering leadership theory. For educators looking for additional resources to use with students, an accompanying facilitation guide is also available providing chapter overviews, reflection questions, and practical resources.

Currently this text is being used for ACUI’s Digital Badge on leadership theory.

Kate McCulley Radford and Erin Williamson currently serve as the co-leaders for the Leadership and Service Education Community of Practice. Established in 2016, this community serves as a space to provide education and networking opportunities for ACUI members working in service, leadership, and related programs on campus. The community aims to promote the value of leadership and service across the association, provide education on research, theory, and research-based practices, deliver resources, and facilitate opportunities for involvement in the Association related to leadership and service professionals.


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