ACUI’s overarching fundraising mission is simple and aspirational: to positively change lives in the college union profession through research, education, and scholarships. It is through fundraising that we can achieve success with an initiative, program, or long-term goal that the Association might not otherwise be able to accomplish.

The Investing in Our Profession campaign is to be designated to support participation and continuation of the Student Affairs/College Union Certification Program, as well as educational scholarships toward ACUI programs that support participants learning and preparation for the certification program, and secondarily, scholarships to support current certificants’ continuing education. The campaign will start in Boston and conclude at the 2025 Annual Conference in New York City.

Campaign Giving Levels
  • Campus Community Champion: $10,000
  • Global Citizen: $7,500
  • Lifelong Learner: $5,000
  • Student-Centered Leader: $2,500
  • Educator: $1,000

About Certification

The Student Affairs and College Union Certification will have a huge benefit for our membership, especially mid-level professional members who are ACUI’s future leaders. The benefits of certification include:

  • Establishes a standard of knowledge, skills, and experiences for professionals with a comprehensive means for documenting mastery
  • Enhances career pathways and mobility for aspiring leaders
  • Elevates the credibility, integrity, and visibility of the profession


Life-long learning is a core value of ACUI. With this in mind, we are embarking on this exciting journey to help our members achieve professional certification in Student Affairs and College Unions.

The Board of Trustees approved a $200,000 fundraising goal for this campaign.

Funds from this campaign will have a substantial impact on the profession and members growing in the profession. Your contribution will primarily be used to support scholarships to help members prepare and achieve professional certification in Student Affairs and College Unions.

ACUI invested $50,000 as a partner organization with other associations to initiate a professional certification program. Details about the certification process, costs for certification exams, and other programmatic aspects can be found on the certification website:

Certification is a tremendous benefit for ACUI’s members, particularly mid-level professionals who represent the future of the Association. Certification establishes a standard of knowledge, skills, and experiences for professionals with a comprehensive means for documenting mastery. In addition to enhanced career pathways, certification helps ensure the credibility, integrity, and future success of the college union profession.

The campaign was publicly revealed at the 2023 Annual Conference in Boston and will conclude with a celebration at the 2025 Annual Conference in New York City.

Many people from across ACUI have a love for the Association and believe in the future of the profession. Whether it is a past-president, a member of the ACUI Leadership Team, a new professional attending their first Regional Conference, or friends of ACUI, we believe there will be strong interest in this capital campaign and the impact it will have on members and the profession.

We anticipate many individuals, especially major donors, will want to share testimonials about why they have chosen to support the capital campaign. Some individuals may choose to make an anonymous donation.

You can make a donation or pledge online by filling out this form.

Yes! Gifts for the campaign can be made through December 31, 2025, so a larger gift can be pledged and paid over a longer time period. We are happy to work with individuals to arrange a plan to provide a convenient way to contribute to the campaign. Select the “Pledge” option on this online form, provide comments about how you’d like to make payments, and a member of our staff will be in touch to set this up. 

Yes! ACUI is a nonprofit 501(c)3. Speak with your tax professional for details on how to deduct your gift.

We are excited that 80% of the funds will be used to help members achieve certification and maintain certification through continuing education. The remaining 20% is used for administrative costs associated with execution of the campaign.

Eric Margiotta, chairperson of ACUI’s Education and Research Fund Team, and John Taylor, ACUI’s CEO, are co-chairing the Capital Campaign Committee. Additional dedicated volunteers and staff will help make the campaign a success.

The campaign presents an exciting opportunity to help members achieve professional certification AND ensure the future of the college union profession. Net proceeds from the campaign will only be used toward certification needs. Other ACUI fundraising goes to support awards, scholarships, and programs like the Financial Assistance Fund.

Complete this online form to make a pledge or a donation, and please contact John Taylor at with any additional questions.  

Campaign Committee

  • Eric Margiotta, Co-Chair, William & Mary
  • John Taylor, Co-Chair, ACUI
  • Christine Grott, California State University–San Bernardino
  • Robert Rouzer, Honorary Member
  • Justin Rudisille, ACUI
  • Gail Sutton, Georgia State University