Presenting a session at the Annual Conference is an opportunity to share unique expertise and experience with others, connect with colleagues, and get involved with ACUI in a way that makes a true difference.

We appreciate the commitment from all of our conference speakers and presenters to delivering value to attendees through their educational sessions. Please review the information below to get ready for your presentation. Email with any needs you have related to your presentation.

  • By November 30: Session selection notifications
  • By January 31: Share session schedule assignments
  • In February: Presenter information video shared
  • By February 29: Deadline to make changes to co-presenters and session title/description information
  • By March 14: Deadline to submit your educational session materials.
  • March 24: Conference begins

Preparing Your Session

As you prepare your session, please:

  • Review all the information below to ensure you have an understanding of the expectations.
  • Ensure the content you develop will engage and challenge your audience.
  • Check out these Presenter Tips on inclusivity.
  • Watch the Education Session Presenter Training here. Presentation slide deck available  here.

Eligibility and Expectations

Every presenter at the ACUI annual conference must be registered for the conference or the ACUI Expo. Additionally, all presenters must meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  • All individual members in good standing, employees or students at an institutional member in good standing, and union veterans are eligible to present educational sessions at the annual conference.
  • ACUI nonmembers representing not-for-profit organizations are eligible to present educational sessions. Nonmembers are encouraged to present with ACUI members whenever possible.
  • Every corporate presenter at the upcoming ACUI annual conference must be registered and meet the requirements available here.

ACUI is committed to providing welcoming, safe, and inclusive learning environments at its conferences and events. During our programs, we want all participants to share ideas, network, and enjoy the company of others, and we recognize that our ability to create this experience depends on the behavior of all in attendance.

Event speakers are expected to conduct themselves according to ACUI’s core values, and the ethical standards of the profession. All members of the ACUI community are to be considerate; refrain from any demeaning, harassing, or discriminatory behavior or speech; and immediately comply with any requests to discontinue objectionable behavior. The following are examples of unacceptable behavior:

  • Offensive, hostile, or derogatory comments.
  • Disruptive actions unrelated to the intended purpose of the event.
  • Conduct that demonstrates a lack of professionalism or respect for another individual.

In keeping with the spirit and letter of the ACUI Inclusive Language Policy, we ask that all presenters at ACUI conferences be mindful that our audiences include students and professionals from all types of campuses and educational institutions, as well as corporate and nonprofit members and partners. Every effort is expected of presenters and speakers to include appropriate language, material, and examples for the Association’s target audience and membership.

For example:

  • Students should be referred to as adults, not as “kids,” “boys,” or “girls.”
  • Try to use gender-neutral language such as “people” or “they” and be wary of gendered terms such as “guys,” “spokesman,” “manning the operation,” etc.
  • Avoid ableist language such as “as you can see,” “crippled by,” or “crazy.”
  • Consider whether a view is U.S.-centric; even seasonal references are different for members in the Southern Hemisphere. 

ACUI policies and procedures forbid the use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances while performing with the Association. Anyone who appears in an intoxicated condition or under the influence of illegal drugs will forfeit any claim for refund from ACUI.

By presenting, the presenter grants permission to ACUI to produce a recording (video, audio, electronic, digital, or otherwise) of the performance and/or presentation and releases any right, title, and interest in and to such recording to ACUI.

Your name, likeness, and biography may be used in connection with this program.

Recording and materials may be subsequently utilized by ACUI in a variety of ways, which include, but are not limited to: print, electronic, televised, radio, video, and web-based media; educational sessions; seminars; webinars; recreational, social, and entertainment applications; and archived materials.  

By presenting, you acknowledge that all information is factual and original and that all quoted material is properly cited and does not infringe upon any copyright. The presenter transfers the sole rights to ACUI for the recording and acknowledges that the presentation has not been copyrighted previously.  

ACUI assumes no liability for the representation, comments, remarks, errors of omission, publications, or presentations of the presenter. The presenter assumes all responsibility for the appropriate use of copyrighted materials.

To successfully deliver your content, we will require each presenter to:

  • Grant ACUI permission to record, stream, broadcast, distribute, and subsequently utilize all session content without any expectation of rights, remuneration, or interest unless otherwise specified and agreed upon in writing by ACUI.
  • Be publicly listed as a session presenter.
  • Communicate in a timely manner with conference representatives regarding session information, changes, and additional requests.
  • Provide presentation materials for your session, in order for it to be eligible for Continuing Education credits towards the Student Affairs Educator Certification.

Denver Presenter FAQs

Is there a conference-specific slide deck we should be using?
Yes. Please download the conference-branded PowerPoint template here.

What time am I scheduled to present?
Please refer to your confirmation email and/or conference schedule. You are encouraged to download Eventsential app and add the 2024 ACUI Annual Conference guide. 

How big is the room that I am in?
Rooms vary in size and are assigned based on specific session needs. We would encourage you to check the Eventsential app for your assigned room prior to arrival in the space. When room assignment is known, you can check out your room prior to your session in your free time.

How early should I come for my presentation? Will I be able to set up early?
Many rooms have sessions held back-to-back with only 10 minutes between them. Please try to be 10 minutes early to your session but understand that a prior presenter might be packing up when you arrive.

Will there be an assigned conference volunteer to help with my session?
Staff and/or volunteer representatives will be assigned to ensure your session gets started successfully, but they will not be present for the full duration of your presentation to help with other needs.

How will session evaluations work?
They will be available via the Eventsential app. Please take a moment at the end of your presentation to have people complete the evaluation via the link in the app. Results will be shared with you after the conference.

When is the last day I can make changes to my presentation?
Session slides should be submitted to ACUI at no later than March 14. This is required in order for sessions to be eligible for Continuing Education credits towards the Student Affairs Education Certification. 

What if a co-presenter needs to be changed/added?
Please email ACUI at and let us know about your co-presenter changes. Changes need to be made by February 29, and all presenters must be able to meet the eligibility requirements.

What if I have a conflict with my assigned presentation time?
Please email ACUI at and let us know about scheduling conflict. Schedule changes must be made by February 29.

What if I can no longer present my session?
Please email ACUI at at your earliest convenience and let us know you can no longer present.

What are the best ways to create an inclusive presentation?
Check out these Presenter Tips on inclusivity. Check out this video for more ideas about how you can make your session more inclusive.

Are there any expectations for making my presentation accessible?
We expect that all presenters use the provided microphone when presenting.

Does ACUI have a preferred land acknowledgement we use for our session?
We ask that all presenters include the land acknowledgement below on the first slide or title slide of their presentation so that attendees can read the land acknowledgement as they enter the room. We will be sharing the acknowledgement in a variety of ways throughout the conference. The land acknowledgement has been added to the conference-branded PowerPoint template found here.

What technology is available for our presentations?
Each presentation space will be equipped with a projector, screen, and microphone. Please bring your own laptop and email immediately if you have any alternative audio-visual needs. Accommodations and access to last-minute assistance will be limited. We ask that all presenters use the microphone when presenting. 

How should we bring our presentations?
Multiple formats are always recommended. Save your presentation to the cloud, have it available on a USB, and save it to your laptop to ensure you have the presentation. All presentations should also embed media to allow for compatibility across various platforms.

Will I have access to free hotel Wi-Fi?
ACUI attendees will have access to conference Wi-Fi. However, we encourage presenters to take necessary precautions of having their materials readily available before their session and not to rely on Wi-Fi.

What are the current protocols?

  • All participants at ACUI events will be expected to follow any city, state, venue, or CDC policies and requirements in effect for the host location during the dates of the event.
  • Participants are advised to take the steps needed to protect themselves and others, as attending a large gathering increases your chance of being in close contact with people outside your household and being exposed to COVID-19.
  • Participants are encouraged to wear masks based on personal preference, if at risk for severe illness, or if the COVID-19 Community Level where they live is High.

I am not feeling well. What should I do?
Connect with other co-presenters (if able) to see if they can still present. If unable to present or there are no co-presenters, you should email ACUI at to inform the conference team you are unable to present.

Will there be tests available?
ACUI will not be providing COVID-19 tests. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available.

Presentation Formats

All formats and level of audience engagement provides value to the conference experience and appeal to different learning styles, so we are excited about the variety of types of sessions to occur in Denver.

50-Minute Session
A 50-minute presentation on a selected topic to be presented individually or with a co-presenter(s). This delivery format often explains or explores a specific topic area in depth and engages participants to think deeper in selected areas.

Flash Session
A 25-minute presentation on a selected topic to be presented individually or with a co-presenter(s). This delivery format provides a quick exploration of a topic area in and is designed for quick takeaways.

Structured Roundtable A 50-minute guided discussion. Facilitators will be given a room and the option to bring in other presenters, panelists, and/or resources to help to engage participants in conversations. Facilitators will conclude by leading participants to creating a commonly agreed upon group action plan.

Poster Session
A passive content delivery format that captures a snapshot of a given topic or content area via a poster. Information is geared toward engaging attendees with a focus on providing information in a fun, creative, succinct and engaging manner.