Honorary membership is conferred by the Board of Trustees on those individuals who have demonstrated exceptional service to ACUI. Honorary members are granted all rights and privileges as defined by the ACUI Constitution, with the added privilege that their annual dues will be waived and that their annual conference registration fee will be reduced.

Normally reserved for those retiring from the profession, on appropriate occasions, it may be awarded to non-union personnel whose efforts have served to enhance the Association and the college union idea, or to a professional who has rendered exceptional service but has left the profession in pursuit of other careers.

ACUI is now accepting nominations for distinguished awards! Nominate by December 8!

2023 Recipient: Gary Chrzastowski 

Gary Chrzastowski never shys away from sharing his time and talent to benefit others. Be it through his role on the Education Council, service on the Host Team for IPDS: New Professional Orientation, or work advancing ACUI’s corporate partnerships and Facility Design Awards program, Chrzastowski’s influence can be noted throughout the organization. And that is the same of his time at Indiana University’s Memorial Union, where he assisted with daily operations, including the $10 million renovation of the dining services area. Chrzastowski will retire in 2023 after more than 40 years in the profession. 

2023 Recipient: mark Day 

Mark Day inspired his colleagues, especially those in Region 15 who watched him lead the charge on numerous programs. Day was a student leader, regional director, and Board of Trustees member over the years, and he served on several committees. Day was passionate about College Bowl, working to grow the program within ACUI; and he was instrumental in the creation of the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge. Day always shared his wit and humour through his work with the Association. Day will retire from Laguna College of Art + Design in 2023 after more than 30 years in the profession. 

2023 Recipient: Michael Ellington 

Michael Ellington was passionate about growing the profession and the Association—always welcoming students and new professionals at ACUI events. After starting with ACUI as a student representative in 1986, Ellington’s volunteer roles for ACUI ranged from Region 4 Conference chair to serving on the Committee for Multi-Ethnic Programs—and that just names a few. His historical knowledge of the Association was appreciated greatly during his time on the 100th Anniversary Celebration Task Force. On campus, Ellington served West Virginia University in many roles that allowed him to impact students and their experience. Ellington retired in August 2022 after more than 40 years in the profession.  

“I am thrilled and extremely grateful to be considered for honorary membership to ACUI, my professional association by choice. The organization has been a blessing, in many ways, throughout my almost 40+ year membership/career. I first became an ACUI staunch supporter after participation in a WVU hosted ACUI Regional Conference. I was hooked. My career led me to UMBC in 1987. Six years later, I returned to WVU and retired this past August. I served in many career capacities and can honestly say that my ACUI professional development, leadership training, and my periodic involvement in the Association governance were vital in prep for many professional opportunities. From the many programs such as ACUI Regional Conferences, I-LEAD, COMP, IPDS, ACUI workshops, Annual Conference planning committees and the Annual Conference itself (just to name a few) were a portion of my grounding success factors. Needless to say, the welcoming and embracing of our membership is a key factor to belonging and ACUI is a caring, loving, welcoming and understanding organization. My heart is with you all. I hope each of you enjoyed the conference and keep the connections alive. Thank you again for this heart-warming honor.”

2023 Recipient: Krista Harrell 

Krista Harrell worked for the betterment of ACUI. Through her many volunteer roles, including the Board of Trustees, Harrell shared her knowledge, skills, and drive to make change, recruit new members and volunteers, and strengthen the organization. At the University of South Alabama, Harrell worked tirelessly to advance community and create an inclusive, safe environment. And she used her experience and passion to develop future generations of college union professionals—through her work on campus and in ACUI. Harrell serves as a mentor and friend to many ACUI colleagues. Harrell left the field to pursue new opportunities in December 2022 after nearly 20 years in the profession. 

2023 Recipient: Sharon “Chickie” Silverstein  

Sharon “Chickie” Silverstein cares deeply about her students, her colleagues, and her association—ACUI. Silverstein’s list of volunteer service is long, including regional and international positions, roles on the Board of Trustees and with Conference Program Teams, and College Bowl. Through these roles, Silverstein was a “worker bee,” diving into projects, focusing on what needed to be done, and inspiring others along the way. Her energy, dedication, and level of care is infectious—both within ACUI and on campus. Silverstein will retire from Suffolk Community College in 2023 after more than 30 years in the profession. 

Submission materials must include the following:

  1. Name, institution, and contact information of the nominee.
  2. Name, institution, and contact information of the nominator.
  3. At least one letter in support of the applicant to receive the award written by individual(s) such as direct supervisors/advisors, peers/colleagues, students, faculty members, etc., addressing:
    • The achievements of the nominee in the profession.
    • The demonstrated commitment of the nominee to the criteria identified for this specific award.
    • A summary of the nominee’s background to provide evidence that they meet the criteria identified for this specific award, including information related to professional experience and volunteer service—providing a current resume for the nominee is optional.

Note that only one nomination is necessary for a nominee to be considered, and the identity of the nominator will not be disclosed during the selection process.

The submission deadline is December 8.

Note: The submission process is updated this year through our new membership platform—which means applications can autofill with your profile information, be saved as pending for edits until you officially submit, and be stored for your future access. In order to submit an application, you will need to create an account login, if you don’t already have one.

At a minimum, individuals eligible for this award must:

  • Have 15 years of employment in the profession at ACUI member institutions; or be a non-union/activities professional who has rendered exceptional service to ACUI, but has left the profession in pursuit of other careers.
  • Have ten years of exceptional service to ACUI, with at least five years of service at the Association level.
  • Have nomination letter(s) support submitted describing instances of how the individual has given exceptional service to the Association and demonstrating how the exceptional service has made an impact.

Nominators will receive electronic notification confirming receipt of materials. This honor is conferred by the Board of Trustees. A physical award will be given to the recipients, who will be recognized during the awards ceremony at the annual conference and in subsequent publications.

Dan Adams
Victoria Angis
Patrick Bailey
Gary Bartlett
Ernest Bebb
Boris Bell
Elizabeth Beltramini
Joseph Benedict
Colette Berge
Fay Blackburn
William Blain
Martha Blood
Michael Bowen
Jay Boyar
William Brattain
Ruth Burnham
Matthew Carey
Jan Carlson
Jim Carruthers
Joseph Cavalla
Christine Chergi
Frank Cianciola
Ann Claussen
Mike Coleman
Patrice Coleman-Boatwright
Mary Connelly
Archie Copeland
John Corker

Christopher Cottle
Kaye Cross
Manuel Cunard
Nancy Davis Metz
J. Scott Derrick
William Edwards
Linda Eldred
Wendell Ellenwood
Mandy Ellertson
Jim Eustrom
Earl Finder
Michael Georgeson
Neil Gerard
Joe Gutowski
Sally Hammock
Sarah-Ann Harnick
Kim Harrington
Michael Henthorne
Marsha Herman-Betzen
Ted Hoef
Whit Hollis
Audrey Hozack
J. William Johnston
Bruce Kaiser
Thomas Keys
Jean Kistler Kendall
Tami Kuhn
Gretchen Laatsch

Floyd Land
Thomas Lile
Ronald Loomis
Donald Luse
Jerry Mann
Susan Yung Maul
Dale McHenry
Robert Mindrum
Peter Neville
Meg O’Sullivan
Jack Overman
Susan Payment
Bernard Pitts
Shirley Plakidas
Michael Poe
George Preisinger
Chuck Price
Carol Prior Heller
Charles Rausch
Timothy Reed
Bob Rodda
Carolyn Rion
Monika Rodie
Donald Rohel
Robert Rouzer
Thomas Rufer
Loren Rullman
Holly Sateia

Kim Savage
Robert Schneeweiss
Judi Schwartz
Paul Sherbakoff
Winston Shindell
Edward Slazinik
Curtis Smout
William Smriga
Bill Spelman
Elizabeth Jane Stachowiak
LeNorman Strong
Marvin Swenson
Gordon Teigen
Nancy Turner
Billy Joe Varney
Gerri Walters
Warren Wiese
Cynthia Woolbright
F. James Zwickey