The Emeritus Award is presented to professionals for their leadership and dedication to serving students and advancing campus community through their careers in the college union and student activities field.

While intended to recognize those retiring from the profession, on appropriate occasions, the ACUI Emeritus Award may be awarded to a professional who has rendered exceptional service to ACUI but has left the college union and student activities field in pursuit of another career.

Submission deadline is November 15, 2024. Check back soon for submission form link.

2024 Recipient: Carolos Garcia  

Carlos Garcia worked for more than 40 years in the field; he retired in February as the associate vice chancellor for administration and finance at University of Colorado–Colorado Springs. Garcia is most proud of helping student affairs departments receive much needed resources. Garcia also served ACUI through roles in Region 12, as a consultant for the CUSA evaluation program, and as an at-large member of the Board of Trustees.

2023 Recipient: Susan LeBow 

Susan LeBow is a dedicated leader, always making time for colleagues and students alike. She worked for more than 28 years at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point, retiring as the associate director, University Centers. The impact LeBow had throughout her career is immeasurable; in fact, nominators found it difficult to concisely define the importance of her presence, attitude, and work ethic.

2024 Recipient: Amy Lopez-Matthews

Amy Lopez-Matthews will retire in July as executive director, Center for Student Involvement at the University of Dayton, concluding more than 35 years at the campus. Her time at the university helped to shape it into the welcoming community it is today. Lopez-Matthews also helped advance ACUI through her leadership as the Catholic Colleges and Universities Community leader for seven years.

2024 Recipient: Michael Madecky

During his career, Michael Madecky had a profound impact on those around him—both colleagues and students. He retired in January from the University of Kansas–Wichita after more than 50 years in the field. Madecky served the former Region 11 as a conference chair, regional representative, and other roles throughout this career.

2024 Recipient: Rene Singleton

Rene Singleton is described as a pillar of the University of Washington by those campaigning for the university’s Singleton Leadership Fund created in her honor. Singleton retired from her role as associate director for student activities in December; she worked at the university for 33 years. In 2014, Singleton appeared in an In Focus video about ACUI and the role it plays in advancing campus community.

2024 Recipient: BETSY SUNDHOLM

Betsy Sundholm retired from the University of Michigan in May of last year after more than 27 years with the university. Sundholm was an advocate for the role of recreation and leisure activities, primarily billiards, in the college union. She served as recreation coordinator for the former Region 7 and the Recreation and Leisure Activities Program Team chair, among other roles.

2024 Recipient: WILLIAM SCHWEHR

William Schwehr helped bring new ideas to life during his time at the University of Houston. He retired last year after nearly 40 years as the assistant director, leisure services. Schwehr was passionate about his work and meeting student needs. He did for students beyond just the University of Houston as a host for ACUI’s recreational tournaments.

ACUI is not currently accepting nominations for this award. Please check back in 2024 for additional information about the next nomination period.

At a minimum, individuals eligible for this award must:

  • Have ten years of employment in the profession at ACUI member institutions; or be a non-union/activities professional who has rendered exceptional service to ACUI, but has left the profession in pursuit of other careers.
  • Be retiring or have retired within a year of nomination.

Nominators will receive electronic notification confirming receipt of materials. This honor is conferred by the Board of Trustees. A physical award will be given to the recipients, who will be recognized during the awards ceremony at the annual conference and in subsequent publications.

  • 2003: Debra Blade, David Mucci, Tim Moore, Rick Thomas, Brad Vest, Laurie Woodward.
  • 2022: Beth Bailey, Justin Camputaro, Hollie Lutz, Denny Olsen, Michael Swanigan
  • 2021: Carolyn E. Farley, Tom Hauber, Barbara Niemi, Carole Reed, Floyd Taliaferro, and Valerie Wetzel
  • 2020: Jimmie Baker, Charlie Francis, Steve Gnadt, Tina Pinocci, Rachel Wussow
  • 2019: Terry Clayton, Kris Corda, Ronald Dunkel, John Herbst, Paul Knell, Brenda Keagle, MaryAnne Lustgraaf, Frank Marsilli, Otis Mamed, Clarresa Morton, Marilyn Prime, and Paul Zuchowski
  • 2018: Patrick Brown, Randall Hedge, James Hoppa, Ellen Kusano, Thomas Molski, and Jane Rhyner
  • 2017: William Brown, Lynn Cacha, Leslie Davis, Anita Douglas, Deborah Felder, Carol Garcia, Ed Knoll, Bruce Morgan, and Gregory Tatham
  • 2016: Guy Conway, Jim Herrman, Gail Olyha
  • 2015: Lydia Anderson, William Clutter, Marguerite Elliott, Bart Hall, Bruce Hamilton, Jim Schuster, and Tony Trimarco
  • 2014: Donald Castle, Richard Heller, Bruce Jacobs, Karen Mehnert-Meland, Larry Mosher, David Robertson, Thom Simmons, and Robert Yecke
  • 2013: Dan Cornthwaite, Charles Morrell, Gale Swanka, and Margaret Vos
  • 2012: Leland Bennett, Jonathan Curtis, Alan Kirby, Helga Kray, Andy Rhoades, and Thomas Trimble
  • 2011: Jack Connaughton, John Drinkwater, Candy Holt, Karen Jones Thomas, Bruce Michaels, Charles Miller, Barbara Ross, Gloria Schultz, Audrey Schwimmer, and Carol Tuttle
  • 2010: Mary Blair, Mary Covell, Paul Franklin, Brenda Goupee, Larry Huisman, Mary Keller, Deborah Matthews, Terry McGlincy, Wyl Parker, T.J. Petropoulos, William Steil, Kitty Willis, Mary Yates, and Randy Zarn
  • 2009: Allen Bertelsen, Joseph Comeau, William Dee, Rowland Hughes, Larry Markley, and Donnchadh O’hAodha
  • 2008: Louis Camera, David Johnson, Carol Raske, Mary Robinson, and Marc Tuchman
  • 2007: Vicki Fete, Cassandra Gassaway, Kaycee Schilke, and Ed Stansell
  • 2006: Jay Anderson, Earl Cashon, David Hertz, Phyllis Kuhl, J. Ryck Luthi, James Reynolds, T.J. Rutherford, and Tom Shubert
  • 2005: Charles Huber, Harvey McKee, Linda Offman, Thomas Peters, Daryl Swanson, Annie Thornton, and John Wright
  • 2004: Charles Huber, Robert Schneeweiss, Roger Eslinger, Ruben Santos, Fay Sharman, and Jack Smith
  • 2003: Thomas Webb and Timothy Wilmot
  • 2002: Sally Allison-Bland and Helen Welford
  • 2001: Ted Crabb
  • 2000: Colleen Hennessy, Edward Snyder, and Lyle Ward
  • 1999: Shirley Adkins, David Elmore, and Donald Hinde
  • 1998: Donald Carter, Spencer Marston, and Vern Solbach
  • 1997: Robert Brookover, Frank Harris, and Phil Hirsch
  • 1996: Francis Atkinson, Lorna Dawes, Clark Drummond, E. Max Fleetwood, Dallas Garber, Eleanor Kurtz, Richard Naumann, Rodger Pruis, Gail Steinhilber, and Lorraine Wales
  • 1995: William Blain, Harold Closson, Delores Donnelly, John Ellinger, Thomas Levitan, and Maurice Seeman