ACUI’s Path to Staying the Course During Elections

ACUI online events held this week on the topics of self-care and creating space for political dialogue gave members some useful takeaways as the U.S. election approaches: 

  • Not acknowledging what individual are experiencing during the days after the election is a missed opportunity. 
  • Demonstrate that you care and encourage those around you practice self-care. 
  • Make safe, optional space available for processing available. 
  • Focus on celebrating the democratic process at work rather than any specific outcome. 
  • Elevate credible resources of information. 
  • Offer casual de-stressing and wellness activities (e.g., promote physical health, eating healthy, getting adequate sleep, engaging in exercise/physical activity, etc.). 
  • Be aware of mental health resources available.  

Finally, those attending webinars this week noted that some of the most valuable resources to share included the’s post-election resources and the Institute for Democracy & Higher Education at Tufts University’s facilitator training workshop guide for facilitating political discussions

In addition to these takeaways, ACUI has opportunities to discuss the election results with other members next week. 

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Series continues November 2 with Dr. Carlton Green leading a discussion around how the uncertainly of the election, COVID-19, and additional stressors are impacting university professionals, particularly those from minority social identities.  

Also next week, the DEI Table Talks podcast will feature an episode addressing the aftermath of the election, freedom of expression, and campus programming. The podcast will welcome Morgan Meehan, University of North Carolina—Charlotte; Neela Patel, Rutgers University; Jeff Pelletier, The Ohio State University; and Phillip Smith, Temple University. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Team Member Edna Zambrano-Ramirez, University of Texas–Rio Grande Valley, will serve as moderator. 


  • Elizabeth Beltramini

    Elizabeth Beltramini served as ACUI's director of content curation and chief diversity officer. She worked at ACUI for more than 20 years before leaving in 2022 to pursue new challenges. Upon her departure, Beltramini received ACUI's Honorary Membership and Presidential Award for Distinguished Services.

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