ACUI Announces New Board of Trustees Members

ACUI members have elected three new at-large Board of Trustee members – Missy Burgess, Yemi Gbajobi, and Adriane Reilly – while the current board named University of Florida junior Caroline Lenz as the incoming student board member. All will be installed into office during the 2023 Annual Conference in Boston. Burgess is associate director for student involvement at the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh, Gbajobi is chief executive at the University of the Arts London, Reilly is associate director of Sykes Student Union at West Chester University, and Lenz is student manager of Newell Hall Learning Commons.

During their candidacy, Burgess, Gbajobi, and Reilly each offered a glimpse of what they see for the future during the upcoming tenure as Board of Trustee members:

Burgess: “ACUI will need to continue to look at how our members want to, are able to budgetarily, and have the time-commitment to gather. Conversations of diversity and inclusion are pressing matters for the world as well as ACUI. We need to continue to take a hard look internally to make sure our policies and practices create an Association that is opening and welcome to all.”

Gbajobi: “The COVID pandemic has significantly impacted our profession and Association in areas such as membership, volunteering, finances, and personnel and changed ways of working. However, I believe that rather than still responding to the outcomes of COVID, we must now think about chartering a new way forward. I believe the Association should respond by creating a new strategic plan as a priority.”

Reilly: “Considering the Association’s most pressing strategic issues, I have identified three strategic issues facing the Association: meeting members’ needs, enhancing the volunteer experience, and continuing work on the Association’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. We have a unique opportunity to engage at least four generations of members in a meaningful community as we share knowledge and passion for our field.”

Lenz, who recently participated in the ACUI Region II Conference at Emory University, said she hoped the opportunity to serve would be both a learning and sharing experience. “Advancing my experience in the field of higher education is a goal of mine, and I believe that by assuming this position I will be given the opportunity to learn and connect with professionals. This position provides a platform to connect with other students through professional development opportunities within regional conferences and leadership responsibilities, which is essential when striving for a career in academia. I believe that many members of the Board of Trustees have valuable wisdom and guidance that I can learn from while working alongside them on advancing the principles of the ACUI mission, and promoting inclusive advancement of campus community across all regions.”

There were 254 ballots cast out of 1,427 eligible voters, representing a 17.8% voter turnout. For a complete look at the summary of votes and voters, visit here.


  • Steve Chaplin

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