This is a regional leading volunteer position, ideal for those interested in determining and advancing strategic directions, governing over long-term goals, representing the association to other members, and setting the tone for member experiences.

Corporate partnerships coordinators foster relationships with companies to expand their involvement in regional activities. Volunteers in this role develop skills outside of their daily responsibilities through networking with corporate partners to innovate ways to communicate the value of ACUI and advancing campus community.  

Reporting to the regional director and being supported by the director of corporate partnerships and events, for a two-year term, corporate partnerships coordinators are responsible for:

  • Working in concert with the Corporate Partnership Development Team to expand the scope of corporate participation in ACUI programs.
  • Identifying new potential corporate participants, and assisting in efforts to recruit and educate them about ACUI.
  • Identifying creative ways that corporate participants can support the initiatives of ACUI at the regional level.
  • Serving as the primary contact for all corporate participation in the region.
  • Overseeing the planning of sponsorship and exhibit opportunities at regional events, in collaboration with the regional conference committee and/or other planning teams.
  • Collaborating with other Regional Leadership Team members to successfully fulfill the terms of all corporate participation agreements.
  • Ensuring that corporate participation at the regional level is consistent with the Association standards for associate membership, sponsorship, exhibiting, advertising, and other opportunities.

All Regional Leadership Team members are also responsible for:

  • Participating in the scheduled face-to-face Regional Leadership Team meetings during the year. One meeting should take place at the regional conference and the other at the time decided by the team.
  • Participating in monthly Regional Leadership Team conference calls throughout the year.
  • Acting as a resource person for the region and campus organizations.
  • Inspiring student involvement in regional and ACUI events and opportunities.
  • Developing proposal for an educational session at the regional conference.


At the time of application, individuals must have: employment at a higher education institution; institutional or individual membership; a signed institutional support form; and a commitment to fulfilling the duties of the position for the length of the term. Applicants must also demonstrate an understanding of ACUI’s vision, core values, and core competencies, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

Time Commitment

Regional leading volunteer positions require a commitment of two years, except for student positions which have a one-year term. Over the course of the term, volunteers should anticipate at least 4 hours of conference call and project work per month, in addition to attending in-person Regional Leadership Team meetings. 


Applications for open positions will be due in June 2018. A screening committee made up of the regional director, regional volunteer coordinator, staff liaison, and other related volunteers will review applications, interview qualified candidates, and make a selection recommendation.