Regional workshops are an opportunity for local colleagues and students to connect.

These events often include tours, educational sessions, and networking opportunities over the course of one or two days. While hosted by a certain region, any ACUI member is encouraged to attend a regional workshop of interest.

Upcoming Regional Workshops

June 6

Region IV Drive-In: Navigating the Ever-Changing Waters: Supporting Students and Ourselves through the Unknown
University of Northern Colorado
Participants will have the opportunity to learn, share, and reflect on the current trends in higher education.

June 14

Region II Drive-In Facility Tour and Roundtable Discussion
University of Texas–Austin and University of Central Missouri
Explore facilities at one of the two host institutions.

June 21–23

Region VI Driving Tour
Stops at Institutions in Kentucky/Southern Indiana Area
Participants will meet with college union and student activities professionals at diverse mix of schools—public and private, large and small institutions.