The Conference Management Team is an integral part of executing the Regional Conference. Members of this team are primarily responsible for working collaboratively with the Conference Planning Team and the Regional Leadership Team to assist in the planning and execution of specific projects or elements of the regional conference.

This is a great opportunity for undergraduate or graduate students looking to enter the field of student affairs. Personal and professional outcomes of this position include: 

  • Receive a complimentary registration to the conference
  • Develop long lasting relationships with peers and professionals across the field
  • Develop skills in large-scale event management, communication, problem solving, and customer service
  • Learn about the mission, events, and operations of ACUI and the field of student affairs
  • Work with ACUI Central Office staff, ACUI leadership, and other professionals
  • Learn about the theories and goals behind the planning of the Regional Conference and events
Specific responsibilities include:


  • Work with Conference Planning Team and the Regional Leadership Team for specific tasks pertaining to conference planning
  • Assist in preparing materials for the registration/check-in process
  • Assist in planning preconference excursions, evening entertainment, and auctions
  • Participate in monthly Conference Planning Team conference calls, as well as Conference Management Team calls
  • Assist in recruiting on-site volunteer


  • Assist with on-site registration/check-in process
  • Assist in the execution of the Saturday evening entertainment, including the silent and live auction
  • Serve as a resource for conference delegates, giving directions and answering questions as needed
  • Assist Conference Planning Team and the Regional Leadership Team members with projects/tasks as needed
  • Assist with recruiting and managing on-site volunteers
  • Arrive to the conference one day early to assist with setup and final preparation

Post Conference

  • Depart the conference once all tasks and conference breakdown are completed
  • Participate in any wrap up conference calls to provide feedback on the conference and your experience


A successful candidate for the Conference Management Team is an undergraduate or graduate student at an ACUI member institution within Region VIII; has attended at least one Regional Conference; is supported by the institution which they are representing and can provide at least one professional recommendation from a supervisor; is able to attend the Regional Conference and pay for hotel accommodations; is able to provide transportation to and from the conference. 

Time Commitment

While the time commitment is not as rigorous as those working on the Conference Planning Team and the Regional Leadership Team, members of the Conference Management Team are expected to participate in conference calls and planning meetings, work independently on assigned tasks, attend the conference in its entirety, and arrive to the conference one day early for preparation. 

Application Process

Applications are due by September 27.