2017 Conference Coordinator

Jen Grossman Leopard
Assistant Director, Student Organizations, Pennsylvania State University

Grossman is a native of Ohio, received her bachelor’s degree from Wittenberg University, and then her master’s degree in college student affairs from Penn State. She has worked with student organizations at Penn State for the past 10 years and just completed her D.Ed. in higher education from Penn State. She loves spending time with her husband and two small children when she’s not running to and from various student events. She is looking forward to working with this amazing Conference Planning Team to put together a wonderful and transformative regional conference.

Grosman, J

Education Coordinator

Clifton Johnson
Director, University of the District of Columbia

Johnson started working in a student center his first semester of college and has never looked back. He enjoys playing social sports in DC, traveling internationally, and to have his picture taken doing a handstand in random places around the world.

Johnson, C

Entertainment & Student Engagement

Johnny R. Garcia Sr.
Student Union Operations & Events Manager, University at Buffalo

An ACUI family member since 1998, Garcia oversees the day-to-day operations of the Student Union & Harriman Hall. He loves sports (Buffalo Bills, New York Yankees), being a DJ and cuddling with his twins (Johnny Jr. “JJ” and Mya). He’s a firm believer in "Work hard, play hard," "Dance as if no one is watching," and "Everything happens for a reason."

Garcia, J

Exhibits & Vendors

Reginald S. LeGrier
Assistant Director of Operations, Morgan State University

ACUI member since 2009, LeGrier is excited about his second opportunity to serve on the Conference Planning Team! He received his bachelor's degree from Morgan State University and his MBA in 2010. Engaged in April 2016, Reggie has been busy planning for a July 2017 wedding!

LeGrier, R


Kaitlin Shaginaw
Event Management Program Assistant, Rowan University

Shaginaw completed her bachelor’s degree and is currently finishing her master’s at Rowan University. When she is not working at her incredible Student Center, she is instructing ZUMBA classes or performing in musical theater productions and gigs. Shaginaw also loves spending time with her wonderful family and boyfriend. She is thrilled to join the Conference Planning Team for her first time and cannot wait to share an incredible ACUI experience with everyone!

Shaginaw, K


Rebecca Lesperance
Program Coordinator, Temple University

Lesperance is proud Jersey girl who has fallen in love with “The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection” Philly! She loves binge watching TV shows, listening to her favorite podcasts, and getting lost in a great book. She has been an active member of ACUI since 2014 and is excited to serve on the 2017 Conference Planning Team.

Lesperance, R

Keynotes & Volunteerism

Ashley Wallace
Operations Coordinator, American University

When not at work, Wallace can be found curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. Originally from Connecticut, Wallace complete her master's degree at Canisius College and is no stranger to cold weather. She has currently found a home at American University. She likes anything dog related and her favorite food is pizza. Wallace is excited to be helping to bring some great keynotes to the conference this year!

Wallace, A

Logistics & Guidebook

Dana Fusco
Coordinator for Event Advising, University of Maryland–Baltimore County

Fusco, twice an alum of UMBC, has fallen in love with the City of Baltimore since moving to Maryland in 2010. Known as the "loud one" in her office, Fusco takes pride in her puns, sudden bouts of song and dance, and undying ability to laugh at herself. In her free time, Fusco enjoys singing to people in traffic, capturing the world with her camera, and saying "yes" to new adventures.

Fusco, D

Marketing and Communication

Adam Burgman
Assistant Director of Student Activities, SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Burgman, a native New Yorker and comic book aficionado, is thrilled to join the Conference Planning Team for the first time. He loves to laugh and is always up for a game of pickup basketball, an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet, and has an awesome collection of superhero ties.

Burgman, A


Katy Fagan
Executive Assistant/Office Manager, Temple University

Fagan is a native of Michigan but moved to New Jersey after college (and stayed!). She is excited to be part of this year’s Conference Planning Team. For her, the best part of working in the Student Center is the opportunity to work with a great student staff! When not working, Fagan enjoys spending time with her family.

Faga, K

Host Coordinator

Abdias Irizarry
Assistant Director for Operations, University of Maryland–Baltimore County

Irizarry has been at UMBC since August 1999. He arrived as a transfer student and enjoyed it so much he stuck around. He has been involved with ACUI since 2006 and has held both Regional Leadership Team and Conference Planning Team positions and traveled all over the United States to attend conferences. When not at work, you can find him doing something outside, whether it’s playing sports, camping, lounging, or grilling. He loves the open air. He’s looking forward to having everyone visit UMBC this year and see what a special place it is!

Irizarry, A

2018 Conference Coordinator

Kerry Spicer
Associate Director, University at Buffalo

Spicer is a 13-year veteran in student affairs with experience in student activities, student unions, late-night programs, leadership, career services, judicial affairs, student governments, emergency management, and student development. ACUI is her association of choice, and she has held several positions within the organization. She currently serves on the Volunteer Development Team, the Regional Leadership Team, and is an enthusiastic volunteer at every conference she has the opportunity to attend. Spice also is a wife and mother of 8-year-old Jackson and 4-year-old Seraphina. Her favorite candy is Peanut M&Ms!

Spicer, K