1 Upcoming Online Programs

Upcoming Online Programs

In addition to in-person seminars and institutes, ACUI regularly coordinates a variety of opportunities for professional development online, through webinars or virtual round-table discussions.

  • ACUI Online Learning Programs
    These lecture-style programs are delivered by a content expert or panel to address the core competencies of the college union and student activities profession. These traditional webinars are included in your ACUI membership,so members can register at no additional fee.
  • Virtual Round-Table Discussions
    Hot topics in the college union and student activities field are discussed on an open phone line with a moderator to keep the conversation going. These discussions are included in your ACUI membership,so members can register at no additional fee.
  • Partner Programs
    ACUI members can participate in online learning with members of other associations, organizations, or educational providers. Topics, formats, and costs of these partner programs vary.
  • CUAD Podcast
    Generating discussion around topics important to union and activities professionals, listen to the College Union & Activities (CUAD) Podcast following the links here.

Also, be sure to check out the dozens of Archived Online Programs, which are also included in your ACUI membership and provide access to videos and presentation materials from past online programs.

Online Learning Programs

Developing Reservation Rates: Where Do Fees Come From?
Core Competencies: Facilities Management, Fiscal Management, Planning
Feb. 7
With the impact of shrinking budgets and an increasing business mentality towards addressing higher education practices, operating in a fiscally sound and responsible manner has quickly become a topic of conversation for many departments particularly when regarding charging for services. This session looks at the process UNCW went through in revising fees and proposing increases. The discussion centers on how to calculate baseline operating costs, factors that will impact the final prices, and how the changes were implemented.


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