Upcoming Programs

Breaking the Binary: Gender Inclusion within College Unions
June 1, 1 p.m. Eastern

Being informed about trans identities and the obstacles trans students face will help you be a better ally for these students on your campus. Programs, facilities, communications, and every day interactions have an impact on whether people feel supported and included on campus. Join this online learning program to learn about the role you play in making the college union inclusive for trans students.

This session is presented by Shane Stinson, guest relations coordinator, University of Missouri.


A Song of Fire and Ice: Creating Harmony Between Facilities and Programming
June 13, 2 p.m. Eastern

Much like the kingdom of Westeros in Game of Thrones, the college union can sometimes feel like its employees are singing a song of fire and ice. In this session, you will learn the importance of creating harmony between facilities and programming, as well as strategies to foster a collaborative working relationship between the two areas.

This session is brought to you by Region IV and presented by Victoria Culver Rice, assistant director of student engagement for programs, and DJ Fox, assistant director of Plaster Student Union for facilities and operations, at Missouri State University.