Upcoming Programs

Student Employee Training Best Practices
July 27, 1 p.m. Eastern

In this webinar, you will hear from two different institutions concerning their best practices and strategies with student employee training programs and development. Each institution developed training programs for student employees to ensure learning is taking place throughout their employment experience in the union. Participants will find strategies and ideas to implement in their student training programs. This session will give participants the opportunity to hear from two colleagues in the field who are focusing on transforming their student employee training experience as well as time to share their ideas and seek feedback from the presenters and fellow participants.

This session is brought to you by Regions III and V, and is open to all.

About the Presenters

Christopher Burpee serves as the technical services manager at the Norris University Center at Northwestern University, where he oversees 75 student employees who make up the Event Production team, fulfilling more than 13,000 campus events per year. Burpee also chairs the Norris Training Committee, responsible for planning training for the 200+ student employees who work in the Norris Center. He has worked five years as a mid-level manager in student affairs, has 10 years of professional event experience, and previously spent five summers teaching leadership skills, team-building activities, and running a high and low ropes course.

Kennyattah Cox serves as the student services and administration coordinator of the University Commons and Student Involvement Office at The University of West Florida. There, she oversees the Event Services and Information Desk student staff members, student employee training and development initiatives, ticketing for campus events, games room services, and administration. She serves as a member of the Student Affairs New Employee Orientation Committee, Student Affairs Customer Service Task Force, and as a campus Welcome Week (Argo Arrival) Event Chair. Having worked at the University of West Florida for over 10 years, Cox encourages students to maximize their potential by pursuing academic, professional, and personal growth outside the classroom.


Active Threat Preparedness and Response
August 10, 1 p.m. Eastern

Campus shootings and other active threats are a difficult part of the changing landscape of higher education. While planning for such an event can feel overwhelming, the need to make union and activity spaces safe is a necessity. Join the ACUI Campus Safety Dialogue Team as we explore active threat response and recovery models and work together to make all of our campuses safer.

This session is brought to you by the ACUI Campus Safety Dialogue Team and Region VIII.


The Basics of Emergency Management and Preparedness Strategies for Student Unions
October 12, 1 p.m. Eastern 

Colleges and universities are entrusted to provide a safe and healthy learning environment. However, with the growing number of natural and man-made disasters, this is no easy task. Many of these emergencies occur with little to no warning; therefore, it is critical for institutions to plan ahead to ensure the safety and general welfare of all members of the campus community. Emergency preparedness and response on campus is a shared responsibility, and this presentation will provide those directly involved with the management of unions a basic understanding of the emergency management system as well as techniques to prepare frontline employees for emergency response. The presenters will explore the potential roles and responsibilities of student union professionals, as well as those which are delegated to senior university officials and first responders. While general preparedness guidelines may not apply in every emergency, the goal of this session will be to encourage organizations to integrate their own preparedness philosophies with the circumstances of a specific situation. 

About the Presenter

Dr. Joe Lizza is assistant director for Campus Center operations and programs at Stockton University. His primary responsibilities include the management of the universities 154,000-square-foot Campus Center. This encompasses program development and implementation, strategic planning and budgeting, technology integration, and human resource management. Lizza received his undergraduate degree from Monmouth University, followed by his master’s degree in higher education administration and his doctorate in educational leadership from Rowan University. He has been actively involved with emergency preparedness and response for more than 16 years, holding numerous certifications and endorsements. Lizza's knowledge has afforded him several opportunities to publish and present on topics related to his research interests, which include organizational culture, campus safety and security, emergency preparedness and management, and the use of technology in higher education. He currently serves as a member of the board of directors for the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA).