Flash Sessions

ACUI Associate Membership
Booking Speakers and Entertainers: Best Practices
Co-Curricular and Canvas
Communities of Practice: What's My Fit?
Creative Places for Marketing Spaces: Inspired Storage & Effective Small Spaces
Educational Sessions 101 for Corporate Partners: How to Improve Your Chances of Being Accepted
Educational Session Proposal Writing 101
Getting Involved: Opportunities for Corporate Partners to Volunteer and Engage with Members
Getting Involved with I-LEAD® and I-LEAD® Connect
Is This Space Really Safe? An Exploration of Academic Safe Spaces
It's All About the Hype: Street Team & Social Media Marketing
What is the Difference Between Sex & Gender?

Traditional Sessions

#ThanksIrma: Lessons Learned Before, During, and After in Emergency Preparedness
A Campaign to Remember: Engaging Students with Targeted Content Multi-Platform Campaigns
Abilities at Work: Supervising Students on the Autism Spectrum
Addressing Microaggressions on Campus
Adventures and Missteps in Lost & Found
Are Student Unions Public Spaces? How One Student Union Changed a Building Access Policy
Brave Space vs. Safe Space: A Student's Story
Breaking the Barriers: Tech for Non-Tech People
Budgeting for the Times: How Your Budget Can Make the Impossible Possible
Campus Capital Framework: Research-Driven Planning and Design for Renovations
Campus Food Pantries Panel
College Unions and First-Year Students: Results from an Online Mapping Survey
Controversial Events: How to Support Students, Navigate Campus Politics, and Maintain Safety and Legality
Crafting Professional Development for Graduate Students and New Professionals
Creating Space for Transfer Students in the Student Union
Developing and Evaluating Learning Outcomes for Student Employees
Disability on Campus: Engaging and Supporting Communities of Students with Disabilities
Elegant and Efficient: How Campus Centers Can Support a Rich Mix of Uses for Greater Impact
Elevate Your Marketing: Incorporating Active Strategies Into Your Portfolio
Enhancing Hiring Practices through Student Development
Ethical Leadership in Action
Experiences of Highly Involved Students in Extracurricular Activities
Exploring Sexual Discrimination and Title IX in a Changing Landscape
Exploring the Vortex of Student Leadership Models: Linking Theory to Reality
First Amendment 101: Student Union Style
Fiscal Bootcamp: Preparing to Tackle Finances and Contract Management
From CAS Review to Strategic Plan: A Journey Explained
From Day One: Training and Developing Multiple Levels of Student Employees
Game On! How Playing Leads to Learning
Emergency Preparedness
Generation Z and Me (and We)
Ghosting Koyaanisqatsi
Google It: Using Google Apps to Improve Operation Efficiency
Green Zone: Providing Veterans a Safe Space
Helping College-Aged Men Thrive: Exploring How Men Interact with the College Union
Helping Students Apply Job Skills Outside of Higher Education
Homelessness within Our Unions: Challenges or Opportunities?
How One Campus Planned, Implemented, & Continues to Evaluate Wholesale Changes to Student Organizations
In the Box Thinking: The Phased Renovations of Sykes Union
Inclusive Hiring Practices
Increased Customer Satisfaction and Financial Return Through a New Food Service Model
Individual Development Plans: Maximizing the Student Employment Experience
Intercultural Competence: Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills to Create Inclusion with Your Students
It's Raining Cats & Dogs: Why are Animals in My Building?
Keep the Spark Alive: How to Avoid Burnout
Keeping Up with the Commuters
Late-Night Programming Professional Panel
Late, Late Night with Orange After Dark
Let Me Be Frank: Understanding the Importance and Impact of Feedback
Making the Most of What You Have
Managing Risk & Liability Involved In Student Organization Events
Managing Student Union Operations through a Budget Crisis
Managing Transitions with Student Teams
Managing Your Peers (A Paraprofessional Position)
Mental Health & Wellness: Unique Ideas, Programs, & Services
More Than a Paycheck: Student Employment for the Real World
New Strategies for Job Searching and Hiring
Non-Traditional Student Supervising: The Good, the Bad, and the Lessons Learned
Nonviolence as a Tool for Student Advocacy
Oh the Places We'll Go in Job Search 2.0
Operation: Excellence (in Student Government)
Our 10-Year Journey
Our Food Court & Atrium Story: Medium-Sized Project Planning and Execution
Plan B: How to Improve Your Student Union When Your Plans are Derailed
Protest Response and Management While Supporting Students
Putting it into Practice: Future Priorities for Leadership Education
Rebooting Institutional Culture and Promoting Inclusion
Reflecting on Meditation Spaces
River Hawks Analyzing Whiteness: Exploring a White Affinity Group on Your Campus
Say What? Free Speech and Activism Policies at a Private School
Silently Suffering from Too Much of a Good Thing: The Perils of Over-Involvement
State Legislation and Higher Education 2.0
Strategies to Address the Breadth of Wellness
Strategies Utilized by Student Activities and Campus Reservations to Improve Relations
Student Organization Accountability: A Peer/Staff Review Model
Student Training Best Practices Forum
Students Lead the Way for Alternative Consultation to Expand Campus Facilities
Swipe Right on Your Job Search: Using the Tinder Method to Work through Job Search Depression
Telling Our Stories
The "E" Battle: Empowering Ethical Student Leaders vs. Entitlement Struggles
The Age Cage: Embracing Inter-Generational Dynamics in Student Affairs
The Intersection of Multicultural Competence and Emotional Intelligence in the Supervisory Relationship
The Magical World of a CAS Standards Review
They Did What? The Unique Challenge of Caring for Your Union
Transatlantic: Understanding Common Issues and Trends from the UK
Transitioning from Director to AVP: Building Community in the "Number Two" Role
Volunteer Management Systems and Student Programming Boards
What's Next? Planning for and Enjoying Your Retirement
Where's Da Aloha?
Wisdom: Road to Success for African American/Black Woman Students
Women's Leadership in Student Unions: Breaking Down Stigma
Writing's on the Wall: Incorporating Your Brand into Your Facility