The ACUI Collegiate 9-Ball Championships provide a space for these collegiate athletes to compete on a high level.

Students must first compete in a sectional or independent qualifier to receive an invitation to the championships.

This billiards event, as well as other ACUI student competitions, are about more than engaging with the sport. Students develop skills related to sportsmanship, communication, and leadership.

Find information below regarding upcoming events, eligibility, and more!

Upcoming Events

Collegiate 9-Ball Championships
June 16–19 | University of Michigan | Michigan Union

Student Competition Eligibility

Please find information below regarding the eligibility requirements and code of conduct for ACUI's student competitions, as well as details about how to submit verification.

Eligibility Guidelines
Code of Conduct


Submitting Forms

The following forms should be downloaded and submitted to ACUI prior to the competition per the Eligibility Guidelines.

  • Student Eligibility Verification Form: This form is applicable for championships events. It must be completed by institution's registrar and include university's seal. This cannot be faxed; submit hard copies only.
  • Billiards Sectional and Qualifier Eligibility: This form is applicable for both sectional and championships events; it should be downloaded, signed, and submitted.

Mail forms to: ACUI, One City Centre, Suite 200, 120 W. Seventh St., Bloomington, IN 47404.

Rules and Competition Format

ACUI uses Billiards Congress of America rules for all ACUI 9-Ball events. The following are guidelines for participation:

  • The Tournament Director may not participate in the tournament.
  • Players may not compete without signed eligibility forms submitted.
  • Students are permitted and encouraged to compete in multiple qualifying tournaments. However, once qualified for the championships event, students are ineligible to compete in further qualifying tournaments.
  • For the championships, players must abide by dress code.



  • Use double elimination if there are six or more players and round robin if five or fewer players.
  • Double Elimination Guidelines:
    • Men’s Division: Race to 7 on the winners’ side; race to 5 on the one-loss side. The 3rd/4th place match and 2nd/3rd place match on the one-loss side is a race to 7. The finals match is a single race to 9 (since both players are qualified for the championship event already).
    • Women’s Division: Race to 5 on both sides. The finals match is a single race to 7.
  • Round Robin Guidelines:
    • Matches consist of 11 games total (not a race). This is not an elimination bracket; all matches must be played. Students from the same school should not play each other at the end. Their matches should be first or second.
    • Lag or flip a coin for first break. Alternate break. Rack for your opponent (do not rack your own).
    • Match duration is expected to be 90 minutes. If after 45 minutes half of the total number of possible games in a match have not been completed, a 30-second shot clock will be imposed for both players (with one 30-second extension per game, per player). If the player does not execute a shot before time expires, it is a foul, and the incoming player will have ball in hand.



  • Players must wear collared shirts or dress blouses, dress slacks or skirts, and dress shoes. The following apparel items are acceptable: polo shirts bearing the school name and/or logo; dressy blouses that cover midriffs, cleavage, and shoulders; dressy slacks, khakis, or capris; skirts that fall at least to the top of the knee; dressy sandals.
  • The following apparel items are not permitted: T-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops; corduroys, denim jeans, cargo-style work khakis, casual capris; shorts; tennis shoes or sneakers; flip-flops or other open-toed casual sandals; hats.