The Presidential Award for Distinguished Service is presented at the discretion of the ACUI President to honor an individual who has demonstrated exceptional and unique service in fulfilling the mission, goals, and values of the Association. Through the award, the individual is recognized for dedication to volunteering, encouraging staff to participate in ACUI programs, and advancing the work of ACUI through their contributions.

Criteria and Eligibility

In considering eligible candidates, a President may take into account the volunteer contributions of an individual or individuals that occurred during their tenure as President-Elect and/or President of the Association. The President has the option, if they choose, to not present the award during their term of office. An individual is not required to hold a defined volunteer position to be considered for this award.


    The process for selecting an awardee is at the discretion of the President, who is encouraged but not required to seek input from the Executive Committee.

    • If the President chooses not to give the award, they must notify the Executive Committee of this decision by Jan. 31.
    • If choosing to present the award, the President shall make a selection by January 31 and notify the Executive Committee that the award will be presented and to whom the award is being given.
    • One physical award will be given to the recipient, who will be recognized during the annual conference and in subsequent publications.